/is a yes

Being addicted to someone.


This trunk symbolizes the natural YES, the emotional YES, the experimental YES. The spiritual, the non-commercial, the unique. Love can be enjoyed, perceived, felt…
in many different ways.
Each couple has its own experience therefore, there are no identical trunks.
Their imperfections make them different, make them special.


Teaming up.
Is a yes.

Adam and Eve First humans on Earth, could choose between all trees in the Garden of Eden. You also have the choice now.
In order not to influence on the relationship, the location where the trunk has been collected will not be disclosed. The decision is yours.
* All Trunks have been collected from different places, but any single tree has been cut down. Giving a new use to nature is the idea, making a name of itself.


Tree rings are the result of aging, of those magical years giving rise to the ones to come. New stages, new times.

To love, natural love.

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